• China Amylase CAS:9000-90-2  High-temperature Amylase wholesale
    Quick Details CAS No.: 9000-90-2 Other Names: A-AMYLASE EINECS No.: 32-565-6 Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Type: Enzyme Preparations Brand Name: CHEMEEBIO Packaging & Delivery ... more
    Brand Name:CHEMEEBIO
    Model Number:100000u/g 200,000U/g
    Place of Origin:China

    Amylase CAS:9000-90-2 High-temperature Amylase

  • China Fungal Amylase wholesale
    SUMMARIZE Fungal α-amylase LEKBakenzyme-90is a kind of solid food-grade enzymes, made of Aspergillus oryzae ,and obtained by submerged fermentation and purification of advanced ... more
    Brand Name:hzcac
    Place of Origin:China
    Sample Price:Depending on the market supply and demand

    Fungal Amylase

  • China Enzyme Amylase wholesale
    alpha amylase enzyme Product introduction Starch, high polymer a carbohydrate, is composed of two polysaccharides, amylose and amylopectin. Starch substrate (like corn starch) ... more
    Brand Name:AODIER-AMY
    Model Number:AODIER-AMY-002
    Place of Origin:CHINA

    Enzyme Amylase

  • China Fungal Alpha-Amylase FAA-400 wholesale
    PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Fungal Alpha-Amylase for starch liquefaction and saccharification in grain processing. DESCRIPTION Fungal Alpha-Amylase FAA-400 is made from Aspergillus oryzae ... more
    Telephone:+86-(0)510-8525 9383

    Fungal Alpha-Amylase FAA-400

  • China Industrial Bio-Enzymes SUKAMy MED Middle Temperature Amylase wholesale
    Description Display SUKAMy MED Middle Temperature Amylase Starch, a high polymeric carbohydrate is a mixture of two polysaccharide, amylose and amylopectin. Glucoamylase, also ... more
    Telephone:+86 536-5173217

    Industrial Bio-Enzymes SUKAMy MED Middle Temperature Amylase

  • China Paper Enzyme Papermaking special amylase GR-M203 wholesale
    Papermaking special amylase GR-M203 Product description: Papermaking special amylase GR-M203 Product brief introduction: Starch, a high polymeric carbohydrate is a mixture of two ... more

    Paper Enzyme Papermaking special amylase GR-M203

  • China Enzyme Medium temperature—amylase wholesale
    Contact Us: Medium temperature—amylase food grade Package: Function: Application: Tags: Ingredients Nutrition fortifier New Products Summary Properties Product Detail It can ... more
    Categories:Eye Shadow
    Telephone:+86 21 50272981

    Enzyme Medium temperature—amylase

  • China Fungal Alpha-Amylase SQzyme FAL wholesale
    SQzyme FA L is a liquid fungal endo-alpha-amylase enzyme made through cultivation, submerged liquid fermentation and extraction. SQzyme FA L can rapidly hydrolyze the -1,4 ... more
    Telephone:(86) 755 893 680 80

    Fungal Alpha-Amylase SQzyme FAL

  • China Glucose, Maltose and Maltodextrin Production Line wholesale
    Glucose, Maltose and Maltodextrin Production Line Select All Item Code: Features: Enlarge Description Glucose, Maltose and Maltodextrin Production Line Ⅰ. Brief Introduction Use ... more
    Telephone:+86-519-88900550, 88909578

    Glucose, Maltose and Maltodextrin Production Line

  • China Fungal Alpha-Amylase wholesale
    Description Fungal Alpha-Amylase Boli FAA is made from Aspergillus oryzae var. through deep fermentation and refining extraction technique.This enzyme can be used for starch ... more
    Telephone:+86-510-8525 9383

    Fungal Alpha-Amylase

  • China Warm amylase wholesale
    Product classification: Enzyme preparation series Product model LNEU-40 Product specification: 1000/bag the product introduced: Alpha - amylase this enzyme to inscribe the amylase, ... more
    Telephone:0086-931-8453035 0086-931-8453045

    Warm amylase

  • China Starch analyzer/Amylose analyzer wholesale
    Starch analyzer/Amylose analyzer ProductModel:DPCZ-II ProductOrigin:China Product Description: Amylose analyzer referred to as the Starch analyzer, which is a special instruments ... more
    Categories:Analyzer Instrument

    Starch analyzer/Amylose analyzer

  • China Baicao No.1 Anvir Anvir (1% Protein Amylose) wholesale
    Anvir (1% Protein Amylose) Product Description: Through Biologic techniques, protein amylase and the like bioactivators have been extracted from the offal (such as fungus bran and ... more
    Categories:Systemic Fungicides
    Telephone:+86-10-65911528 +86-10-65025731

    Baicao No.1 Anvir Anvir (1% Protein Amylose)

  • China Medium Temperature Alpha-amylase wholesale
    Brief introduction to the products JIECHENG Brand Medium temperature α-Amylase preparation is produced via submerged fermentation of Bacillus subtills and modern extraction ... more
    Brand Name:JIECHENG
    Place of Origin:China
    Purity:2000 u/ml

    Medium Temperature Alpha-amylase

  • China Fungal Alpha-amylase wholesale
    Fungal Alpha-amylase is extracted deeply from the Aspergillus oryzalvar which is cultivated deeply.This enzyme is a kind of endonuclease,and it can rapidly hydrolyze Alpha-1,4 ... more
    Brand Name:ANKE
    Model Number:AK-006
    Place of Origin:China

    Fungal Alpha-amylase

  • China Medium temperature a-amylase wholesale
    1. Brief introduction Syder Brand medium temperature -amylase preparation is produced by submerged fermentation of Bacillus subtills and extraction with modern technique. 2. ... more
    Telephone:+86-(0)510-88200828, 88203100

    Medium temperature a-amylase

  • China Alkaline Amylase wholesale
    1. Product Description Alkaline amylase is a kind of alpha-amylase, incision glucosidase. It can hydrolyze starch into short chain dextrine and a small quantity of low molecular ... more
    Categories:Spa Essential Oil

    Alkaline Amylase

  • China Desizing Enzyme Alpha-Amylase wholesale
    Product Specifications /Features Desizing Enzyme Alpha-Amylase Desizing Enzyme Alpha-Amylase CAS No.: 9000-90-2 EINECS NO.: 232-565-6 For textile destarch. Enzymatic desizing is ... more
    Model Number:9000-90-2
    Place of Origin:Shanghai , Shanghai , China (mainland)
    Category:Printed Fabric

    Desizing Enzyme Alpha-Amylase

    Seebio Biotech. Inc
    [Shanghai,China (mainland)]
  • China Medium temperature a-amylase wholesale
    Product Description medium temperature α-amylase can hydrolyze α-1,4 glycosidic bond of the starch. Starch molecule is randomly hydrolyzed into short dextrin chain in different ... more
    Place of Origin:tianjin china
    Application:medium temperature α-amylase is widely used in liquefaction ...
    Sample Price:negotiable

    Medium temperature a-amylase

  • China Fungal Alpha-Amylase Boli FAA-240 wholesale
    An ideal Alpha-Amylase for brewing with high liquefaction and saccharification efficacy DESCRIPTION Boli FAA-240 is made from Aspergillus oryzae var through submerged fermentation ... more
    Brand Name:Boli
    Place of Origin:China

    Fungal Alpha-Amylase Boli FAA-240

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