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Custom 13.56 MHZ SCM SCR3500 PVC Shop Smart Memory Card With Chip

Categories PVC Smart Card
Place of Origin: Guangzhou China
Brand Name: Xuan Cai brand
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: IC-003
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 250pcs in 1 box &10 boxes or 20 boxes in 1 carton Box size:22cm*9.5cm*6.2cm Carton size(small):51cm*
Delivery Time: 5-7days after the order comfirmed
Payment Terms: T/T, WestUnion,Money Gram, Escow, paypal
Supply Ability: 1000000pcs/month
Corner: round
material: PVC
Normal Size: 86*54*0.76mm
Technics: print / blank
Thickness: 0.3-0.76mm
Printing Type: Offset printing/CMYK
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Custom 13.56 MHZ SCM SCR3500 PVC Shop Smart Memory Card With Chip

Custom 13.56 MHZ SCM SCR3500 PVC Shop Smart Memory Card With Chip

Quick Detail:

  1. Product material: PVC
  2. Printing type: Offset printing/CMYK
  3. Place of origin: Guangzhou, Guangdong
  4. with chip


IC card is the card after another kind of information carrier. IC card is refers to the integrated circuit card, generally with the bus card is a kind of IC card, generally common IC card using rf technology and IC card reader to communicate. There is a difference between IC card and magnetic card, IC card is through the information stored in the IC card, the card is through the magnetic record information in the card. The cost of the IC card is higher than magnetic card, but better secrecy.

Contactless IC card is also called radio frequency card, had been solve successfully the source (card without power supply) and contactless this difficult problem, is a breakthrough in the field of electronics. Mainly used for public transport, telecommunications, Banks, yard management, and other fields. Main features include safety certification, electronic purse, data storage, etc. The commonly used access control card, the second generation id card belongs to the application of safety certification, and bank cards, canvas is using electronic purse and other functions.

IC card is the basic principle of work: rf read-write device to IC card, a set of fixed frequency electromagnetic wave, the card has a LC series resonant circuit, the frequency with the launch of the same frequency, speaking, reading and writing device, so under electromagnetic wave excitation, LC resonance circuit to produce resonance, so that the capacitance in charge; At the other end of the the capacitance, then there is a single to the electronic pump, electric charge in the capacitor to another storage capacitance, when accumulated charge to 2 v, the capacitance can be used as power supply provides the working voltage for other circuit, data in the card launch out or receive the data read/write device.

IC card production process is divided into: IC card from design to distribution, can be divided into the following steps:

The system design

According to the safety of application system and the function of the card design card chip (or considering design general chips), and according to the technological level and the cost of the smart card MPU, storage capacity and cosine put forward specific requirements, or logic functions of logic encryption card distribution and storage area put forward specific requirements.

Kane integrated circuit design

Its design process is similar to the design of the ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit), including the logical design, logic simulation, circuit design, circuit simulation, layout design and correctness verification, etc., can with the aid of Workview, Mentor or Cadence and so on computer aided design tools to complete.

For smart cards, often in a foreign country using industry standard microprocessor as the core, to adjust the type and capacity of the memory, without having to redesign. More feasible way is to, by domestic design COS, chip by foreign semiconductor manufacturers, companies such as Motorola, Hitachi offers this kind of business. These chips, to be reliable, should have the self-protection ability.

The software design (suitable for smart card only)

Including the design of the COS and application software, have corresponding development tools to choose from. Due to the security of smart card COS related, so important in national economy and confidential departments use a smart card, should write Chinese design of COS.

Chip manufacturing

IC card core is integrated circuit chips, is the use of modern advanced microelectronics technology, large scale integrated circuit chip embedded in a small plastic cards. The development and manufacturing technology is much more complicated than the magnetic card. IC card technology include hardware technology, software technology and related business technology, etc. Hardware technology generally contain semiconductor technology, the base board technology, packaging technology, terminal technology and other components, etc.; Generally includes application software and software technology, communication technology, security technology and system control technology, etc.

EEPROM technology

Electric erasing type Programmable read-only Memory (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) is the core of IC card technology. The transistor density, improve performance, increase the capacity, to achieve a greater amount of data storage in the same area. Block as the data or program storage space, EEPROM data can be maintained at least a decade, wipe number more than 100000 times. EEPROM technology also provides a lot of flexibility, by setting the immutable flag bit, block to EEPROM unit into a programmable read-only memory, read-only memory, or unreadable security storage unit.

The advancement of this technology makes have secret IC card to get fast development and application of memory. For example, in a variety of charging system (public telephone, electric meter, toll roads, etc.) and access control and other fields obtained the widespread application. Block to EEPROM as the core of the CPU card is widely used in mobile phone cards, banking sector, much application and requires the high security of public key algorithm application field.

RFID technology

Radio Frequency Identification RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is a method to use to identify the signal transmission of electromagnetic wave, the recognition of the object itself should be receiving and sending devices with electromagnetic waves. RFID communication system using the frequency range for < 135 KHZ or > 300 MHZ ~ GHz level.

Radio frequency identification IC card is a kind of use of electromagnetic waves and non contact IC card to communicate with the terminal. When using this card, do not need to insert the card read and write to a specific device slot. In general, the communication distance within a few centimetres to 1 m. Radio frequency identification card to use it more, and large potential for development.

IC card read/write device need to be able to read and write ISO7816 standard IC card. As IC card and IC card interface circuit IFD within the CPU the only channel for communication, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of communication and data exchange, its produce electrical signals must meet strict timing requirements.

Timing requirements

IC card interface circuit for IC card into and out of recognition, namely card activation and release, has very strict timing requirements. If you can't meet the requirements of the corresponding, IC card cannot operate normally; Serious when will damage the IC card or IC card read and write.

IC card (Integrated Circuit Card, IC card ) is the second card after the emergence of a new type of information tools . IC cards in some countries and regions, also called smart card (smart card), smart cards (intelligent card), micro- circuit cards (microcircuit card) or microchip cards. It is a micro chip embedded in the card-based ISO 7816 compliant , the card made forms ; has been very widely used, including financial, transportation , social security , and many other fields.

IC card IC card reader is a bridge between systems and applications , the ISO international standard interface device called IFD (Interface Device). IFD the CPU through an interface circuit connected to and communicate with the IC card . IC card interface circuit IC card reader is a vital part of , according to the practical application of the system, optional parallel communication , half-duplex serial communications, and I2C communication , such as different IC card reader chip.

About non-contact IC card , also known as radio frequency card, successfully resolved the passive ( no power supply card ) and free access to this problem is the field of electronic devices is a major breakthrough. Mainly used for bus , ferry, subway automatic toll collection system , also used in access control, identification and electronic purse .


ic card principle : ic card the basic principle is: RF IC card reader to send a group of fixed -frequency electromagnetic waves , the card has an IC series co- oscillation circuit , the frequency of the same frequency emitted by the reader , so that electromagnetic excitation , LC resonance oscillation circuit HS , so that the capacitor with the charge ; at the other end of this charge , then there is a single electronic wizard pump , the capacitive charge storage capacitor to another , when the accumulated charge to 2V, this capacitor can be used as power for other circuits to provide voltage , the data will be transmitted out the card reader or receiving data .


IC card reader to be able to read and write with ISO7816 standard IC cards. IC card interface circuit as the IC card and the CPU to communicate with IFD only channel for communication and data exchange to ensure the security and reliability , which produces an electrical signal must meet the following specific requirements.

1.1 complete the IC card insertion and withdrawal of recognition operation

IC card interface circuit IC card insertion and withdrawal of recognition , that the card activation and release , there are very strict timing requirements. If you can not meet the corresponding requirements , IC card can not be normal operation ; severe damage the IC card or IC card reader .

( 1 ) activation

To initiate operation of the card , the interface circuit shown in Figure 1 should be activated in order circuit :

◇ RST in state L ;

◇ according to the selected type of card , the VCC power Class A or Class B ,

◇ VPP rise to an idle state ;

◇ interface circuit I / O should be placed in reception state ;

◇ provided to the IC card of the CLK clock signal (A Class card 1 ~ 5MHz, B class card 1 ~ 4MHz).

In the IC card t'a time plus the clock signal CLK . I / O line should be added to the clock signal CLK is 200 clock cycles (ta) is placed inside the high impedance state Z (ta time t'a later) . After adding in the clock CLK , RST to state L to maintain at least 400 cycles (tb) the card is reset (tb in t'a after ) . In time t'b, RST is placed in state H. I / O should be agreed on after the rising edge of the signal on the RST 400 to 40 000 clock cycles (tc) started within (tc in t'b after ) .

RST in state in the case of H , if the answer signal is 000 clock cycles at 40 have not yet started , RST signal on the return to the state L, and the IC card interface circuit shown in Figure 2 of the IC card generates released.

( 2 ) the release process

When the end of the exchange of information or failure ( for example , no card or the card is removed response ) , the interface circuit should be timing the release of the circuit shown in Figure 2 :

◇ RST should be set to state L;

◇ CLK should be set to state L ( unless the clock has been stopped on the state L ) ;

◇ VPP should be released ( if it has been activated ) ;

◇ I / O should be set to the state A (on td time without specific definition ) ;

◇ VCC should be released.

1.2 through the contacts provide a stable power supply to the card

IC card interface circuit specified in Table 1 should be within the voltage range , corresponding to the IC card steady current .

1.3 By contact provides a stable clock to the card

IC card interface circuit provides a clock signal to the card . The actual frequency of the clock signal range during the answer to reset , the following should be within the range : A class of card , the clock should be 1 ~ 5MHz; B class card , the clock should be 1 ~ 4MHz.

After reset , the received ATR ( Answer To Reset ) signal F ( clock frequency conversion factor ) and D ( bit- rate adjustment factor ) to determine.

The duty cycle of the clock signal should be stable during the period of operation of 40% to 60%. When the frequency from one value to another value, should be taken to ensure that no more than 40% of short-period shorter pulses .


(1) Material :

PVC and chip

(2) Size :

86*54 MM or other sizes

(3) Printing Crafts :

1)Silk screen printing;

2)4 color offset printing(CMYK);

(4) Optional effect:

1) Add Loco / Hico magnetic stripe;

2) Add Scratch off panel

3) Add Signature panel

4)Add Barcode of code128,code39,ean13/ QR Code

5) Add UV spot

(5) Chip :

1).MI,EM4100,EM4102,TK4100,TK28,TEMIC,ATMILE,TK9013,Temic E5551,Atmel T5557,Atmel T5567

2).FM11RF08, Mifare UtraLight IC U1, Mifare DESFire 4K , Legic MIM256 MF/S50,S70,I-CODE,U-CODE HSL, U-CODE GEC2

3).SEL442, SEL4428, SEL 5528,FM4442,FM4428 BL7442,BL 7448, AT24C01A

Competitive Advantage:

1) Professional producing teams:

we have professional technicians paying attention to every producing process

The QC keep the quality in every process of producing.

2) Best price: for same quality, we offer best price for you if we could.

We would let you know every process of producing just like making products at your home.

3) Fast delivery time: 5-7 days after orders confrimed

4) The best service: we will reply your inqiury asap, we would try our best to solve your difficulties, follow up well with your order from production until it’s delivered in your hand.

5) Long online working time:more than 15 hours online working time for you, your inquiries and questions will be answered asap.

6) Free design, no t any other hidden cost: we can make design for you. for free

7) Easy payment: Western Union/bank transfer.or Paypal.

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Quality Custom 13.56 MHZ SCM SCR3500 PVC Shop Smart Memory Card With Chip for sale
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